The Goddess : Tribute to Kali

A very nice article. To a Hindu there is no questioning in their belief.

Search for The Soul - Indrajit Rathore

The primal energy of the creative force in Hindu theology is conceived as a feminine entity. This is quite remarkable for a country which is essentially patriarchical. Worship of the Goddess as mother is fairly universal with major festivals being dedicated to honouring her with chanting, prayer, song and dance. Millions also trek to pilgrimage sites with fervour, devotion and resolve to receive her maternal blessings and empowerment.

The Universal Essence is symbolized as partly masculine, the epitome of truth, consciousness, calm and bliss and partly feminine, creative, volatile, energetic and emotional. The masculine element, Shiva, contemplates creation through his eternal meditation and is regarded as the eternal yogi, while his counterpart Shakti ( energy in Sanskrit) is cosmic energy that enacts that creation. Shiva is the seed, Shakti is the womb.

Shakti is depicted as having three manifestations or aspects. Lakshmi is its benign form generating prosperity, growth, health…

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In pursuit of happiness !

All our lives we are looking for happiness, and yet when we reach there, are we truly satisfied that this what we were looking for ?  We want more ? What truly is happiness ? achievement , prosperity, adjustment , acceptance ? Image